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Operational excellence is contingent upon highly effective holistic and systemic approaches to resolving identified challenges. The key elements must be taken into consideration: people, process, and technology (P2TTM). Often organizations attempt to only address one facet and as a result either fail to meet or sustain lasting results. FAW Consultants employs a client specific approach that reflects the unique needs of the people, processes, and technologies that interplay with one another.
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We work with healthcare service and manufacturing organizations, such as hospitals, home healthcare, nursing homes, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, and medical device companies. From customer relationship management systems (CRMS) to CME/Non-CME learning modules & learning management systems (LMS), our 3P PortfolioTM of technologies and services will help you meet the needs of practitioners, pharmacists & patients.

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FAW Consultants helps organizations involved in clinical research achieve cost containment goals. We offer a suite of solutions that significantly reduce the cost of conducing investigator training and improve the coordination of site recruitment and preparedness.



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Project success begins and ends with on time, well communicated and coordinated knowledge sharing, expertise and right action. FAW Higher-Ed delivers all these to ensure success of your organization's education initiatives. So, whatever challenges you may be facing, we can help.
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Virtual Investigator Training
A sample ondemand pre-trainer for Clinical Investigators
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CRM for Your Organization
Find out how PRISMS can improve the way you do business.